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Museo civico di Prato

F+P / Fagnola+PAT. was awarded third prize in the two stage competition for the renewal of the Civic Museum of Prato inside the Palazzo Pretorio. F+P were invited to the second stage in a rooster of internationally renowed names including Goncalo Byrne and Adolfo Natalini.“



Bright eyes in Turin


For an eyewear shop in Turin, Italy, PAT Design treats the products on display like works of art.
The inspiration for the small optical store named Ottica Gallery began with the site: a retail space within the Piazza Castello, one of Turin’s major historic arcades. The design firm’s first strategy was to brighten the storefront with bursts of colour to highlight the eyewear. They settled on using red, blue and green polyurethane boxes as pedestals, a detail that was inspired by the brightly hued sculptures of American minimalist artist John McCracken.
David Dick-Agnew, Bright eyes in Turin. Azure, august 2012
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Islands of Los Angeles

LCanyonA few hundred yards up Sunset, on the road to the Valley, there’s an island on Laurel Canyon boulevard. It’s just in front of the Canyon Country Store. On its back, still stands the house where Jim Morrison used to live when the Canyon was the place to be if you were a cool musician in the sixties.
It is exactly at that time that this triangular island raised to prominence as the place to see and be seen in Los Angeles.
Andrea Veglia, Hippies on an Island in the Sixties
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UIA Infopoint competition

PAT. ha vinto il terzo premio nella UIA Infobox competition, a cui hanno partecipato 460 gruppi under 35 di tutto il mondo. Il concorso, organizzato nell’ambito del congresso UIA Torino 2008, era finalizzato alla realizzazione di un luogo d’incontro e di relax dedicato alla democrazia urbana. Il bando richiedeva di progettare una “casa” per l’architettura, con una superficie massima di 100 mq, da realizzare con materiali riciclabili ed eco-compatibili, fruibile giorno e notte, da localizzare nel centro di Torino durante il periodo del congresso.
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