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PAT. at PLEA Edinbourgh 2017

kataraAt PLEA 2017, the 33nd International Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture, PAT. presented a paper on the relationship between aesthetic and design. From Pioneering Steel Houses to Zero Energy Buildings is an evolutionary tale about the developement of the peculiar typolgy of steel frame houses, and how today’s knowledge of materials, energy conservation and building dynamics can produce high performance buildings that greatly improves on yesterday’s standards.
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The Space in the Sand on Archiduc


PAT’s proposal for the Luxembourg Pavilion at Dubai 2020 is rooted in the concept of circular economy. Read the story on a special issue of Archiduc



F+P goes to Kenya

Fagnola+PAT. unveils concept for a new off-grid house on Manda Island
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UIA Infopoint competition

PAT. ha vinto il terzo premio nella UIA Infobox competition, a cui hanno partecipato 460 gruppi under 35 di tutto il mondo. Il concorso, organizzato nell’ambito del congresso UIA Torino 2008, era finalizzato alla realizzazione di un luogo d’incontro e di relax dedicato alla democrazia urbana. Il bando richiedeva di progettare una “casa” per l’architettura, con una superficie massima di 100 mq, da realizzare con materiali riciclabili ed eco-compatibili, fruibile giorno e notte, da localizzare nel centro di Torino durante il periodo del congresso.
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Ares-UIA competition 2007 – Honourable mention


PAT. is among the winners of the competition Renewable Energy Sources & Bioclimatic Architecture For Shells To Shelter People Affected By Natural Disasters, by the International Union of Architects program ARES (Architecture and Renewable Energy Sources).
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