The core of PAT.’s project for Giobert Spa is the need to rethink interdependency and cooperation strategies between different branches and departments of the same company, as well as the desire to provide employees with a workplace that would encourage exchanges and connections among them, in a thoughtful open space. 

The physical-and-functional core of the space is represented by a “central backbone”, where an informal meeting room, a briefing area, the printing center, a relax lounge and the recycling are hosted. It is this functional backbone serving as joint for the different functions. The offices of the company appear as a sequence of flexible and semi-open spaces, entirely insulated by acoustic panels in felt. Surrounded by large, glazed rooms that benefit from natural lighting and placed under a black ceiling, the bright blue and white finishings of the partitions stand out.  

PAT. devised an overall project that starts with the ceiling design, defining layouts as well as system’s intersections, so that they could be eventually modified to respond to future evolutions and changes in the internal distribution.
The mechanical systems are thus accessible and neatly organized, contributing to redefine the styling of the spaces, which is influenced by the industrial heritage, but made more polished and refined.