The new Dewa HQ building is envisaged to become a futuristic development in terms of design, sustainability, superior occupant comfort and well-being, and integration of state-of-the-art technologies related to office environment. The project, targeting LEED Platinum and nZEB status, will consist of a mixed-use podium, an office tower and associated facilities. Dubai climate pushed the team to design for maximum daylight and avoid overheating at the same time. Every part of the building, from its shape to its tiniest bit, cooperates to maximum effect. The elliptical plan of the tower allows for a low façade to floor ratio and minimizes East and West façades, where it is more difficult to control solar radiation. Horizontal sun shading louvers supporting PV are combined with vertical louvers, perforated by a masharabiya pattern which is either more dense or open according to the orientation. 

Vertical louvers rotate following the sun, constantly adapting the building skin to outdoor conditions. They are painted red on one side, blue on the other, generating an ever-changing hue of color that continuously modifies the perception of the building, thus bringing interest and complexity in a deceptively simple compact shape. Sustainable strategies such as free cooling, grey water re-use and green roofs are complemented by an Integrated Workplace Management System/Building Management System to provide a smart working environment.