Crossing the A4 highway, the landscape is characterized by an indistinct interposition of low -quality industrial sheds, residential blocks, noise barriers and countryside.

The proposal has a strong geographic character: a tectonic ripple on the soil generates “inhabited faults”: a complex composition of volumes in equilibrium between geology and land art.
Large blocks of brutal concrete, poured using different types of inert materials of different sizes (waste of company’s production) refer to the world of geology.
Their geometric configuration hide the volumes of the building, generating unexpected views and a series of crossed visual relationships with the highway, it order to communicate the brand identity of Stone City. While architecture is solid and clear, the soil interacts with it in an amorphous and spontaneous way. The architectural shapes define the project cutting the soil, while landscape react in & flexible way. The material palette of the surroundings follows the logic of reuse.
The hollows, made up with company production waste materials, build the first geographical reliefs, gradually replaced by new soil suitable for vegetation.
Progressive plant enrichment, passing through meadow and forest, ends in a humid area.