2 Projects for UIA


Ares housing modules and the UIA infopoint “…as a result of a disciplinary synthesis process inside the office. Be it a module for emergency living in post-disaster conditions, or a temporary infopoint, the quality of the project positively reassures on the production of an architecture which is never ephemeral. The capacity of solving by themselves themes which are usually left to specific external competences enables the five architects to act at their best in coordinating the different phases and sectors of the building industry, in support of a tectonic culture which they are able to elevate to the rank of poetics of construction. And for this reason, in our contemporary times where ever more often hollow images dominate, their schemes are capable of transmitting the dignity of making architecture”. (from the foreword)


PAT. and Camillo Boano (with a foreword by Tomà Berlanda), 2 Projects for UIA. Trauben Edizioni, Turin, 2008.
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