With a proposal combining both high-tech and low-tech approaches, PAT. has been awarded an honourable mention in the ARES international architectural competition.
Architects worldwide were invited to develop new construction methods and practices for efficient shells and settlement units that will satisfy the urgent housing needs engendered by ecological, social, or political crises.
The competition was promoted by the Technical Chamber of Greece and the UIA International Work Programme on Architecture and Renewable Energy Sources.
In PAT.’s proposal, while bamboo framed, metal clad shelters will be easily made from locally sourced materials, high-tech mobile units will be shipped on the disaster area to serve the new settlements.
Exploiting technologies for the aerospace industry, they will provide energy and clean water, and they will host a workshop where tools as well as technical expertise and design guidance will serve the building process.
The proposal was developed with the consultancy of Camillo Boano, housing and shelter specialist, researcher at the Development and Forced Migration Research Unit, Oxford Brooks University.
The award ceremony and an exhibition of winning projects was held at UIA 23rd world congress, in july 2008.