The project encompasses the articulated cultural system linked to the archaeological area of Libarna.
The concept pursues an overall transformation of the spaces destined to house the Municipal archaeological exhibition halls in order to provide an organic, fully functional artefact that can easily expand over time according to new needs.
The renovation, extension and exhibition space refurbishment project envisages the recovery and transformation of all the rooms on the north front of the municipal building and the covering of the inner courtyard with a steel structure.
This operation will make it possible to expand the exhibition space, as well as to obtain a new wooden-floored terrace on the first floor of the building, which will be used as an outdoor exhibition and educational space.
The natural lighting of the spaces acquired through this operation will be provided by a central skylight and a cavity on the eastern side, inside which the metal structure staircase leading to the terrace will be placed.

The elaboration that took place during the various phases of the project allowed the drafting of a final executive project that is flexible and compatible with the general scientific project, effective in resolving the complexities arising from communication, the different quality and nature of the works on display, the configuration of the existing rooms and the need for a rational visit path avoiding all possible repetitions.