PAT. married its greatest passions in this project in the legendary Laurel Canyon neighbour on Los Angeles’ Hollywood Hills.

A steep slice of rock on the top of Grandview drive, tucked in the middle between the spots wher the fictional detective Philip Marlowe and the British bluesman John Mayall used to live, is the fertile ground for a green home of the new generation.

PAT., whose love for hardboiled literature and blues music is matched only by the passion for light and airy sustainable buildings, designed a new uncompromising house for the hillside site, who sits on top of the hill which faces West Hollywood’s Sunset Strip.

Flanked by local engineer Dimitri Vergun, who was responsible for the audacious structures of many celebrated LA homes from the likes of Pierre Koenig, Coop Himmelblau and Ed Niles, PAT.

cantilevered from the rock a steel framed box.

Floating above the canyon, the house offer an immersion in the natural elements just a few minutes away from the excitement of Sunset Boulevard.

Capitalizing on PAT’s trademark no-nonsense, modular, integrated approach to building design, the house targets LEED gold certification.

The energy strategy exploits the warm California sun and the site-specific Canyon breeze to efficiently control the home microclimate. A selective building envelope optimize solar gain according to the different hours and season of the years. The silvery skin changes as a chameleon to adapt to the varying conditions, providing comfort and the exhilarating experience of ever changing light and balmy air.

Upon completion, the house will welcome visitors in the classic Case Study House fashion: fully furnished. Instead of featuring the canonical mid century modern pieces, PAT. will pay homage to its own country showcasing the best in modern and contemporary Italian furniture design.

A tribute to Laurel Canyon lineage in the development of the arts, the house will be completed by a collection of site specific artworks.