The Luxembourg pavilion will be made of upcyclable materials: steel and sand. The walls are made of a giant “masonry” of mylar big bags filled with local sand.

Thanks to its mass and heat-reflecting capacity, this wall has excellent thermal properties, and in particular keeps the interior of the pavilion naturally cool. At the end of the exhibition, the big bags are simply emptied, returning the sand to the place from which it was taken, and can be reused as it is or sold as a souvenir of the Expo.

The second type of recycling is represented by the steel structure, produced by recycling and intrinsically recyclable. Once the pavilion has been dismantled into its components (all assembly is done by bolting) and transported to Luxembourg, all that is needed is to change the type of wall and interior fittings, to change its appearance and function: from sports facility, to ipermarket, to satellite and space exploration museum, to library or auditorium.
Steel produced in Luxembourg will return to Luxembourg, and sand borrowed from Dubai will stay in Dubai.