How to liberate Mirafiori from its industrial-social-political legacy and make it attractive?
For us, the answer is to make Mirafiori the site of a major contemporary European urban-inspired project, a place of interest to a wide public.
Settling in Mirafiori all leisure activities: physical activity, sports. hobbies, consumption, entertainment, fun. Contemporary times have lifted most of workers from physical production. From mechanical factory, Mirafiori becomes a factory of time freed from work. Hence the great attention to physical activities: from the most common, such as running, to the most original (surfing, wakeboarding, go-karting) capable of attracting fans even from far away.
The project enhances this union of functions and co-presence of publics that we so much appreciate in European cities: young students, families with children, professionals, startuppers and creatives, craftspeople at work, residents, tourists, sportspeople, those who come in to shop and those who come in to have a drink or try a new experience. Mirafiori Fun Factory will be an open public space capable of blending languages.

The flows that move within the city and their intersections act as fertilizing actions for new realities. There is no need to propel them, we just need to create the conditions for that to happen. This is Mirafiori Fun Factory.
At the same time, it is also a space where associations and cultural operators can work and organize events of a different nature, or where they can simply run and walk along the longest indoor track in Italy (700 meters), which like an Ariadne’s thread accompanies leads through the labyrinth of possible functions. A place where this can happen 24/7, 12 months a year.