With a straightforward design based on the use of readily avalaible, off the shelf components, PAT. scooped 3rd prize among 500 entries from all over the world in the international competition for the UIA Infopoint pavilion. The concept is based on a 315×315×315 mm metal frame which can be erected either in aluminium lattice post and beams or standard steel HEA 140 profiles with bolted joints.
Details are reduced to a minimum.
The quality of the design relies on two main elements: the internal diffuse natural light and the sensual shiny surfaces of the walls, which reversing usual practice bring the metal skin of the Isover Extrawall WW to the exterior, revealing its raw, unconventional beauty. While from the outside this soft aluminium skin is protected by glass panes, it is touchable once inside the building, where a central core encloses service spaces and the radio UIA office, suggesting a circular path to the visitor.
The space is filled with northern light coming from top portholes arranged on the regular grid. Sun rays are blocked by shading devices ready made cutting standard 700 mm polyethylene tubes.From the outside an unusually pointed roof profile counterpoints the deceptively simple silver box.
The main entrance is on the fully glazed northern facade, which reveal interior activity. while the other three are opaque and avalaible as exhibition surfaces.
On the south facade a ventilated cavity between the glass and the insulating panels activates the bioclimatic process of natural ventilation of the building interior, while a fluttering array of brightly coloured strings pinned to the Isover